DaFiN Pro Signature - Kealopiko - Moananuiākea

$67.95 USD

To shop the full collaboration, please visit thekealopikoshop.com. Full collaboration line available at dafin.com on July 12th. 

"'Ike i ke au nui me ke au iki" - Know the large and small currents. 

Moananuiākea (Oceania) is an ocean of connection. The waters of Kanaloa, god of the sea, touch the shores of over 25,000 islands, many of them home to our relations.The similarities in our languages, stories, and practices are evidence of our shared moʻokūʻauhau (genealogy) with cousins across this vast blue expanse. It’s an ocean of sustenance, where fishing, paddling, and 
navigating have all been critical to our survival for thousands of years. As you slip on your fins and enter the kai (ocean) for physical and spiritual nourishment, remember those who came before you and opened the way. Let us also continue to strengthen the enduring connections to our cousins across beautiful Moananuiākea.

Kealopiko is a Hawaiian design company created by three wahine located on Oʻahu & Molokai. "In every project and piece, we honor our ancestors through our design work & moʻolelo (storytelling)."